3He Magnet Systems

Standard Configurations

"Wet" System - Standard or Top Sample Loading - Sample in liquid or vacuum

These systems provide 0.280 K temperatures, with the sample either immersed in the liquid He-3, or on a cold finger in vacuum (or UHV). They are available with optical access into the high field and low temperature region, with optional vacuum load locks that enable sample exchange without disrupting the main dewar and magnet. Schematics of standard sample in vacuum (HE-3-SSV) and top loading sample in liquid (HE-3-TLSL) systems are shown, with hold times ranging from a few hours to several days. The field direction, magnitude and uniformity need to be specified, as well as the sample space required. These systems include thermometry at the 1 K condensing pot, the internal He-3 charcoal pump and the low temperature sample stage.  Optional rotating sample holders are available that changes the angle between the plane of the sample and the magnetic field direction.

Performance Specification

Sample EnvironmentOperating TemperatureMagnetic FieldOptical Access
Vacuum/UHV or liquid He-30.3 K - 325 K6 - 16 TeslaYes

Sample in Vacuum

HE-3-SSV Magnet System

"Wet" System

Sample in Liquid


"Wet" System

He-3 cryostat with top loading sample in liquid

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