Custom & UHV Dilution Refrigerators

Whether you need a standard dilution refrigerator or a custom design, a complete system, or stand-alone components, talk to JanisULT. Our dilution refrigerators have been used for many “firsts” in the research world. Our application engineers will work with you to design the best system for your requirement.
Model JDR-500 STM Stage for UHV, ultra high vacuum, ultra low temperature, scanning tunneling microscopy, Janis Research


JanisULT has a variety of dilution refrigerator systems for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) applications
Model JDR-500-BL-UHV Bottom loading dilution refrigerator for STM application, ref 9110, Janis Research, scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra high vacuum, ultra low temperature

Bottom Loading for STM

Model JDR-500-BL-UHV bottom loading dilution refrigerator for scanning tunneling microscopy
JDR-800-TL-HYB-UHV-STM dilution refrigerator Joule-Thomson (JT) or hybrid (1 K Pot and JT) condensing option, Janis Research

JT or hybrid option

Joule-Thomson (JT) or hybrid (1 K Pot and JT) condensing option technologies JDR-800-TL-HYB-UHV-STM dilution refrigerator
JDR-50 dilution refrigerator insert and gas handling system, ref. 17745, Janis Research

Compact mK system for STM

Model JDR-50-TL-UHV dilution refrigerator insert and gas handling system
Model JDR-500 dilution refrigerator insert with light tight design, Janis Research, ultra low temperature

Light-tight for cryogenic sensors

Wet DR designed for NIST, Boulder CO, for cryogenic sensor R&D. Incorporates a special DR stage with infrared radiation shields for maximum light-tightness and magnetic vacuum
JDry-100-ACTPol dilution refrigerator and gas handling system, ref. 14125, Janis Research

Custom Dry DR for Cosmology

Enabling Cosmic Microwave Background detection through cryogen-free cooling of TES bolometer detector array to below 100 mK
HE-4 UHV Compatible Superconducting Magnet, Janis Research, cryogenics

UHV Compatible Magnets

JanisULT offer a wide range of magnet and cryostat types to suit UHV applications such as Scanning Probe Microscopy
JACoB Automated Control Box for gas handling system, Janis Research, dilution refrigerators

Automated Gas Handling Systems

Meet JACoB and JAMie, components of JanisULT's gas handling system
Model JDR-250 and JDR-500 dilution refrigerator stages, Janis Research, ultra low temperature

Standard Dilution Refrigerator Stages

With competitive prices, fast delivery, optimized design and proven technologies, JanisULT is your choice for standardized dilution refrigerator cores and stages

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