Gas Handling Systems for Top-loading Helium-3 Cryostats

The gas handling system (GHS) is designed to operate models HE-3-TLSL and HE-3-TLOSL He-3 cryostats, and it has the following basic functions:

  • Provides port to pump out and leak check the He-3 insert.
  • Provides port to introduce He-3 gas into the insert. The same port will be used to take the He-3 gas out from the He-3 insert.
  • Stores He-3 gas when the cryostat is not being operated.
  • Provides safety protection when the He-3 insert is under operation.

A He-3 gas dump with a compound gauge is included in GHS. The volume of the dump is always larger than that of the He-3 gas at room temperature by approximately 10%, so the pressure of the gas inside the dump is always below one atmosphere. This will prevent the He-3 gas from escaping out of the dump, should a small leak develop in the system. Three Newpro valves are installed as shown in the picture for manipulation of the He-3 gas in and out of the cryostat.

The GHS provides three ports: one on the front panel and two on the rear panel. The function of each port is labeled on the panels.

The GHS also includes an external charcoal sorption cryopump, which is used to absorb the He-3 gas remaining in the He-3 cryostat at the room temperature. This cryopump is provided as a separate unit from the rest of the GHS.

All components of the GHS are enclosed in a compact panel box for easy handling, moving, and operation.

Gas handling system for top loading helium-3 systems, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
Gas Handling System for Top Loading Helium-3 Systems
Drawing of gas handling system for top loading helium-3 system, Janis Research, cryostat, ultra low temperature
Drawing of Gas Handling System for Top Loading Helium-3 System