HE-3-SSUHV-SPM/ESR Helium-3 Cryostat

"Wet" System - Standard Sample Loading - Sample in UHV

The model HE-3-SSUHV-SPM/ESR cryostat is designed for versatile applications (such as Scanning Probe Microscopy and Electron Spin Resonance) with sample in ultra high vacuum (UHV) environment.

The system contains two identical He-3 inserts which provide very large cooling power for various types of experiments. A "universal" sample mount made of gold plated OFHC copper is thermally connected to the two He-3 pots. This is used for cooling Scanning Probe Microscope heads, Electron Spin Resonance devices and a variety of other experiments.

A high field superconducting magnet as well as an ESR modulation coil are supplied with the system. The ESR modulation coil can reach a field of 1350 gauss, with a 27 gauss per ampere resolution.

A clear shot access, with a 4.2 K thermal anchor stage, is incorporated into the system so that the cryostat can be turned into a top-loading system with minor modifications.

This He-3 cryostat includes the following main components:

  • Thermometer and heater on the sample mount
  • Charcoal sorption pumps with heaters and thermometers
  • 1 K pot with thermometers
  • 1 K cold plate for wiring thermal anchor
  • He-3 pot with heaters and thermometers
  • UHV as well as standard vacuum cans
  • Gas handling system
  • Operation test


  • Resistive and/or superconducting wires
  • Coaxial cables
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Helium level sensor and read out
  • Vapor cooled helium dewar
  • Liquid helium transfer line

Performance Specification

Base Temperature:340 mK
Holding Time at Base Temperature:24 hours
Sample Space:up to 10 cm
Temperature Range:0.30 K - 80 K
HE-3-SSUHV-SPM-ESR Helium-3 Cryostat, Janis Research, scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra high vacuum, electron spin resonance, ultra low temperature
Model HE-3-SSUHV-SPM-ESR Helium-3 Cryostat