HE-3-SSV-CF Helium-3 Cryostat

"Wet" system - Standard Sample Loading - Sample in Vacuum - Continuous Flow

The model HE-3-SSV-CF is a continuous flow He-3 cryostat. A hermetically sealed mechanical pump is employed to circulate the He-3 and cool down the system to the base temperature. He-3 condenses inside the 1 K pot before it enters the He-3 pot through a condensing impedance. An external gas handling system with a special liquid nitrogen cold trap is equipped to operate the cryostat. Turbo or Roots pumps can be added to the pumping station for lower base temperatures and higher cooling power. The sample is typically attached at the bottom of the He-3 pot inside the inner vacuum chamber (IVC) can for cooling.

This system can also be operated in the single shot mode for even lower base temperature, in which case the holding time will be approximately a few days.

As an option, the He-3 pot is installed on the system with an indium seal. It can be replaced with the JanisULT model JDR-100 dilution stage, which will allow the system to reach a base temperature near 10 mK.

This He-3 cryostat includes the following components:

  • High efficiency liquid helium cryostat
  • 1 K pot with thermometer
  • He-3 condensing impedance
  • He-3 pot
  • He-3 return line
  • Gas handling system
  • Hermetically sealed pump(s)
  • Electrical controlling circuit with over pressure safety protection
  • Operation test


  • Resistive and/or superconducting wires
    Coaxial cables
  • Fiber optics
  • Clear shots to IVC
  • Computer controller motorized 1 K pot cryogenic needle valve
  • Rotating sample holder
  • High efficiency helium dewar
  • Low eddy current cold finger
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Superconducting magnet
  • Magnet support with high current leads
  • Magnet power supply
  • Helium level sensor and read out
  • Liquid helium transfer line
  • 1 K pot pumping station
  • Turbo pumping station

Performance Specification

Continuous flow mode
Base temperature: 420 mK
Holding time at base temperature: Continuous flow

Single shot mode
Base temperature: 320 mK
Holding time at base temperature: 3-4 days

Operation temperature range: 0.3 K - 80 K (300 K optional)
Sample space: As required

Drawing of HE-3-SSV-CF Helium-3 cryostat, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
Drawing of Model HE-3-SSV-CF Helium-3 Cryostat

HE-3-SSV Insert

"Wet" System, Standard loading, sample in vacuum

HE-3-SSV-PT-2 Cryogen-free Helium-3 Cryostat

"Dry" System, Standard loading, sample in vacuum
HE-3-SSV-CF Continuous Flow Helium-3 cryostat, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
Model HE-3-SSV-CF Continuous Flow Helium-3 Cryostat

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