HE-3-SSXGAS Helium-3 Cryostat

"Wet" System - Standard Sample Loading - Sample in exchange gas

The model HE-3-SSXGAS insert is designed for standard sample loading with sample in exchange gas, and this model of He-3 insert is developed for experiments with special samples that cannot be bolted tightly to the sample holder, such as powder, liquid, and very fragile samples; or for samples with very poor thermal conductivities.

The sample chamber is located at the bottom of the He-3 pot and exchange gas is introduced into the sample chamber to aid in cooling down the sample.

A model HE-3-XGHS mini-exchange gas handling system (see HE-3-XGHS tab) is usually included at the top of the insert and it provides the He-3 exchange gas required for the sample cooling. The design minimizes the cost of the expendable exchange gas for each run to approximately US$2.00 (depending on the geographic location).

This He-3 insert includes the following components:

  • Charcoal sorption pump with heater and thermometer
  • 1 K pot with thermometer
  • He-3 pot with heater and thermometer
  • Permanently stored He-3 gas
  • IVC can
  • Sample chamber
  • Mini-exchange gas handling system
  • Operation test


  • Resistive and/or superconducting wires
  • Coaxial cables
  • Clear shots to IVC
  • Computer controller motorized 1 K pot cryogenic needle valve
  • 1 K cold plate
  • High efficiency helium dewar
  • Sliding seal
  • Automatic temperature controller
  • Superconducting magnet
  • Magnet support with high current leads
  • Magnet power supply
  • IVC tail for superconducting magnet
  • "10 K" radiation shield for operating temperature up to 300 K in full magnetic fields
  • Liquid helium level probe
  • Digital cryogen monitor
  • Liquid helium transfer line
  • 1 K pot pumping station
  • Turbo pumping station

Performance Specifications

Base temperature: 300 mK
Holding time at base temperature: 24 hours (typical)
Operation temperature range: 0.3 K - 80 K (300 K optional)
Sample space: As required


The model HE-3-XGHS mini-exchange-gas handling system is designed to introduce He-3 exchange gas into the IVC can or the sample chamber of the main He-3 cryostat. It is typically supplied for use with the model HE-3-SSXGAS He-3 insert.

This compact mini-gas handling system allows complete control of the amount of He-3 exchange gas used in a very cost effective manner, with the typical cost of He-3 exchange gas for each run amounting to approximately $2.00 (depending on the geographic location and current cost of 3He gas).

The total amount of He-3 exchange gas included in this mini-exchange gas handling system is typically 1 to 3 STP liters; the gas is located in a safe re-usable high pressure gas chamber located on top of the cryostat.


"Dry" System, Sample in Vacuum or Exchange Gas

Was designed for a neutron scattering application, but could easily be adapted for other applications requiring samples cooled in exchange gas in a cryogen-free system.

HE-3-SSXGAS helium-3 cryostat, ref. 8428, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
Model HE-3- SSXGAS Helium-3 Cryostat

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