HE-3-TLSUHV-STM Helium-3 Cryostat

"Wet" System - Top Sample Loading - Sample in UHV - For STM

JanisULT has developed a top-loading Helium-3 cryostat with sample in ultra high vacuum (UHV) space for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) with atomic resolutions, and it has the following key features:

  • The system reached base temperatures of below 300 mK with 80 hour holding time (longer holding time can be reached with additions He-3 gas) while pumping on the 1 K pot;
  • Special noise reduce is installed inside the 1 K pot to suppress the acoustic noise;
  • With JanisULT's superior design, the user can even stop pumping the 1 K pot to completely eliminate the noise from the 1 K pot and operate the He-3 cryostat below 320 mK with 40 hour holding time (longer holding time can be reached with additions He-3 gas);
  • The He-3 insert has a central line-of-sight with diameter up to 1.25” for sample loading, with a UHV compatible gate valve located at the top for user’s sample change;
  • Specially designed rigid support on the He-3 pot to minimize the vibrations;
  • Mechanical heat switch for fast pre-cooling of He-3 pot;
  • 4.2 K radiation shutter and 1.5 K radiation shutter;
  • The He-3 insert is designed to be compatible to all kinds of superconducting magnet, such as solenoid, vector magnets. etc.;
  • Other features such as sliding seal, low and/or high frequency wiring/coaxial cables for the user, fiber optics, etc., are available;

Performance Specification

Base temperature: 320 mK
Holding time at base temperature: 40 hours
Sample space: 2.0"

He-3 pot with central access on a model HE-3-SSUHV-STM with 11T magnet helium-3 system, ref 17395, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
HE-3 Pot with Central Access on a Model HE-3-SSUHV-STM Helium-3 Cryostat with 11T Magnet
Atomically Resolved Topographic Image of NbSe2. Researchers used a Janis Research model HE-3-SSUHV-STM with 11 Tesla Magnet, ref. 17395, ultra low temperature, scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra high vacuum
Distance (nm) - Atomically Resolved Topographic Image of NbSe2 obtained at constant current mode. The tunneling current was set to 150 pA, the bias voltage to 20 mV and the scan speed was 13nm/s. (The data were taken from an identical but non-UHV Janis He-3 cryostat.)
He-3 Pot Base Temperature on HE-3-SSUHV-STM with 11 T magnet, ref. 17395, Janis Research, ultra low temperature
He-3 Pot Base Temperature as Indicated in Channel-C

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