Standard “Wet” Dilution Refrigerator Systems (JDR series)

With a recognized reputation as a worldwide leader in custom dilution refrigerator systems, JanisULT also offers the following family of standardized dilution refrigerator systems with competitive prices, fast delivery, optimized design, and proven techniques.  The systems can be equipped with either manual or automated gas handling systems, as well as several optional items.

Standard Features

  • Standard Insert into liquid nitrogen-shielded liquid helium dewar
  • Indium-sealed vacuum can with provision for demountable tails
  • Mixture condensing with 1K Pot, equipped with hermetic needle valve
  • Standard DR Stage with demountable plates
  • Resistive temperature sensors installed on all stages with proper wiring and heat-anchoring, including JanisULT Resistive Sensor (JRS1000) calibrated down to 10 mK
  • LSCI 370S Resistance Bridge with executable Windows program for customer’s lab computer (LabVIEW source included)
  • 32 shielded manganin wires in twisted pairs, installed and thermally anchored for experimental applications
  • Manual gas handling system GHS1 with hermetic Roots pumping stations
  • Optimized 3He-4He mixture included

Optional Features

  • Various models of vapor-shielded helium dewars, including superefficient
  • Top- or bottom-loading superconducting magnets, including vector and split-magnets
  • Automated needle valve with step-motor driver
  • Automated gas handling system (GHS2) with electromagnetic valves, cRIO controller, color touch-panel and integrated LSCI 370S Resistance Bridge
  • Oil-free pumps, including Roots and turbo models
  • Normal and superconducting RF wires in shielded twisted pairs down to mixing chamber
  • High frequency (up to 40 GHz) cables down to mixing chamber
  • Sample-into-vacuum delivery manipulators
  • Self-calibrating CMN and FPD thermometry down to 7 mK with read-out

Click on the model name to download the mechanical drawing for that model.


Model Name

Guaranteed Base Temperature

Guaranteed Cooling Power at 100 mK

Model JDR-100

17 mK

100 micro-watt

Model JDR-250

12 mK

200 micro-watt

Model JDR-500

10 mK

400 micro-watt

Model JDR-750

9 mK

500 micro-watt