JDry-500-TLSV Dilution Refrigerator

JanisULT is pleased to announce that it is offering the model JDry-500-TLSV top-loading cryogen-free dilution refrigerator (DR) system with sample in vacuum. A rigid top-loading sample probe, together with vacuum load-lock and gate valve, is provided with the system, and it can be used to load the sample in vacuum while the dilution refrigerator system remains cold.

Click here for the JDry-500-TLSV system drawing (PDF 87 KB). Click here for the JDry-500-TLSV top-loader drawing (PDF 47 KB).

Basic performance:

  • Sample base temperature: 20mK ~ 40mK depending on the wires and coaxial cables installed on the sample mount;
  • Sample space: Up to 2.0” in diameter;
  • Re-cool down time to base T after sample change: Approximately 30 hours;
  • Other features: Rigid, robust, and reliable electrical contact;

This top-loading sample probe can also be used for “wet” DR systems with minor modifications.