Standard Wet Dilution Refrigerator Systems


Product Category Features
  • Lower initial purchase price
  • Inherently lower vibration
  • Low base temperatures
  • Fast cooldown with most models
  • Acoustically quiet
  • No scheduled maintenance requirements

JDR Dilution Refrigerator Inserts

Family of standardized dilution refrigerator systems with competitive prices, fast delivery, optimized design, and proven techniques.

SuperVariMag Model 9TM-SVM-20 superconducting magnet, Janis Research, cryogenic research equipment

Dilution Refrigerator Magnet Systems

Standard dilution refrigerator superconducting magnet systems

JACoB automated gas handling system for dilution refrigerators, Janis Research

Automated Gas-Handling Systems

Meet JACoB and JAMiE, two components in JanisULT's 2nd generation automated gas-handling system

Model JDR-250 and JDR-500 dilution refrigerator stages, Janis Research, ultra low temperature

Standard Dilution Refrigerator Stages

Our range of standard dilution refrigerator cores are available as stand-alone components