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JanisULT designs and builds refrigerators for operation below 1 K with a focus on quantum technology applications.

We offer the widest range of helium-3 refrigerators and dilution refrigerators available on the market.  Whatever your application, whether you prefer a traditional cryogenic solution, or a cryogen-free design, we probably already have a design that suits you, and if not then we will customize a solution for your specific needs.

We are the market leaders in UHV compatible solutions for surface science.

High-performance cryogen-free dilution refrigerators for Quantum Science are developed in conjunction with Google.

Product Range

JanisULT product range includes helium-3 and dilution refrigerators for ultra-low temperature applications. Both types of refrigerators are available cooled using liquid cryogens (wet), using closed-cycle coolers (dry), and are available in UHV or other custom designs.

Helium-3 Refrigerators

Dilution Refrigerators